February 23, 2017

Hosting Companies and Brands owned Endurance International Group (EIG)

Endurance owns a whole bunch of hosting companies and it can be difficult to know exactly which companies and brands they own. Here is list of […]
July 29, 2015

Kahuna Host

The growing availability of computers and Internet access has shifted consumers from television and written publications to digital communications. This makes having a website an essential […]
July 26, 2015

Traffic Planet

Ease of administration and upkeep, reliability and speed are three attributes that the modern business needs a website to have. These make maintaining the digital side […]
July 10, 2015


An ever-increasing amount of businesses are choosing WordPress for their website management needs. This amazing platform offers a way to flexibly edit a website with minimal […]
June 19, 2015

Pagely Review

WordPress is continually becoming more popular among businesses of all sizes. It makes managing a website easy for even the most inexperienced of individuals while allowing […]
June 9, 2015

Flywheel Hosting Review

WordPress has evolved into an open-source platform that can do much more than simply blogging; you can use it to run a professional business website with […]
June 9, 2015

Professional Tips On Choosing A WordPress Theme

WordPress is a platform that is constantly evolving to ensure it is current enough to appease the most ardent followers of technological advances, while still being […]
June 30, 2014

What’s The Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org?

WordPress is an open source software platform that allows you to host, create and manage websites on the Internet. Its community-based version is WordPress.org. This offers […]
June 26, 2014

How Do You Use WordPress For Podcasts?

WordPress is an ideal platform for pod casting, which is defined as the distribution of video or audio content through Atom or RSS2.0. The use of […]
June 25, 2014

Moving Your WordPress Website: Quick And Easy Steps

There may come a time when you have to move your website on your server, or you might need to move it to a completely different […]
June 23, 2014

Choosing A Host For Your WordPress Sites

Choosing a host for a WordPress site or sites is based on a few primary considerations: speed, security, reliability, customer service and, of course, the relative […]
June 2, 2014

The Best Content Delivery Networks For WordPress Hosting

Do you have a WordPress blog, but are experiencing problems with your website loading times? Then perhaps you would benefit by using a content delivery network […]
May 31, 2014

What’s Best For You: Hosted Or Self Hosted WordPress Hosting?

Should you go with a free WordPress.com hosting package or look to WordPress.org for your hosting needs? While a lot of people don’t actually know the […]
May 23, 2014

Finding An Effective Hosting Provider For Your WordPress Blogs And Websites

WordPress has evolved from being used and known predominantly as a blogging platform, to one of the biggest content management systems in the world, powering more […]
May 21, 2014

Advantages Of Using An Image Hosting Service For Your WordPress Blog

Using images on your WordPress blog is very intuitive, mainly because there are a ton of plugins that allow you to integrate them within your website. […]
May 16, 2014

WordPress Hosting Themes That Are Perfect For Resellers

It might be relatively easy to start out as a hosting reseller company, but you do need to stay on top of fashions and trends if […]
May 13, 2014

How To Move WordPress Between Hosts

There may be occasions when it becomes necessary to move your WordPress blog around from one place to another. Sometimes it will be between servers and […]
April 30, 2014

How To Use WordPress For Videos

The power of a well-written blog is an effective business tool that many have been able to take advantage of. One way to make it even […]
April 28, 2014

Benefits Of The Best CDN For WordPress Hosting

When you set up your WordPress site there are many things that need to be considered in order for it to produce the results you’re expecting. […]
August 13, 2013

HostGator vs Rochen Comparison Guide

For your WordPress site, should you choose HostGator or Rochen to be your host? We have tried them both and we have a good answer for you. Read our guide to see who we picked.